Portland Sisters

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Portland Sisters, Order of Benevolent Bliss!!
We are excited to announce our elected new officers and mistresses for 2021!
Prioress: Sister Reva Lation
Mistress of Communications: Sister Shelby Harry
Board Members at Large: Sister Penelope Crude, Sister Gemma Nigh, and Sister Donna Vanewday.
Mistress of Propaganda: Sister Penelope Crude with Sister MaryJane Antoinette as aid de camp
Mistress of Saints: Novice Sister Candle Wickes with Sister Pureheart as aid de camp
Mistress of Bliss: Sister Pureheart with NvSr Frieda-Copulate as aide de camp
Mistress of Protocol: Sistr Marmalaid Poundcake
Mistress of Habits: Sister Inda Beginning
Mistress of Archives: Sister MaryJane Antoinette
UNPC Primary Delegate: Sister Gemma Nigh
Continuing on to the second year of their terms are Sister Inda Beginning as Mistress of Novices and Sister Diana Nervanna as Mistress of Collections. Sister Marmalaid will continue on as our interim UNPC Alternate.