Celebration Spotlight: Saint Lambicorn

Welcome to a new feature from the Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence— the Celebration Spotlight. Once a month, we’re going to take a moment to highlight some of the members of our Sister family who help up do our good work in the community— even if they don’t don our glorious garb. These are the Saints and Angels of the Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Our first spotlight is for the much cherished and much missed Saint Lambicorn.

The Beautiful Light of Saint Lambicorn (July 5, 1966 – March 1, 2017)

Without our community to support us and in turn to give support, the Sisters’ mission is never complete. Of our many Saints, one of our most fondly thought of is Saint Lambicorn. You may have known him as Johnny Lamb.

Much of the early success of the Portland Sisters comes from Johnny’s work as a promoter. Without monthly dance parties like Ransom, which was a benefit that took place at Crush and helped the Sisters to begin our good works, we might not even be here at all today in order to celebrate the saints and angels who have joined us over the years. It’s a feedback loop of gratefulness, love, and joy— not just for the parties Saint Lambicorn threw, but by how many lives he brought joy to by having them.

It’s likely visiting Sisters from other houses would’ve gotten to know Saint Lambicorn and found Johnny Lamb’s attitude of positivity, cheer, and love of community too magnetic to resist. Johnny Lamb is a treasured member of the Order of Benevolent Bliss family whose presence lit up a room, and his sainting caused many tears of joy. The work that he accomplished before he passed through the veil still reverberates through the Guards and Sisters whose lives Johnny has touched and continues in memorial, passed down through the years. 

So today we celebrate and spotlight the work of beloved Johnny Lamb aka Saint Lambicorn.

Guard Lance Boyles gives Saint Lambicorn a kiss.