Tasty Cakes! Show off your cakes!

A Portland Sisters Online Cake-Decorating Ball!

Show off your cakes! Submit an entry to the Cake Ball by May 22, vote for your faves, share your cake (responsibly) and spread a little sweet joy! Then, come to the virtual Tasty Cakes Ball on June 5th!
A Portland Sisters Fundraiser for The Peoples Pantry (all proceeds donated)
Entry photos and/or videos due: May 22nd
Event Date: June 5th at 7 pm via Twitch
Ball Categories:
  • Fruits and Flowers
  • Pretty Pretty Princess
  • Hella Gay Wedding Cake
  • Holiday Decor
  • Colors of the Rainbow
Each winning entry from each of the five ball categories will go into the Winners Category: Tastiest of the Tasty Cakes, where a grand prize can be won! Each ball category will receive a trophy, driven or delivered right to their front door! You need not be in Portland to win, but it will make it easier to get your prize to you!
How to Enter: Bake and decorate your cake! Take some pictures and videos and see the Google Form for all entry details. Entries are due May 22nd.
How to Win: On the night of June 5th, entries in each category will be shown off on Twitch and people will vote via Paypal and Venmo with their wallets. The winning entry from each category will be the one that makes the most money for The Peoples Pantry- which helps the food insecure here in Portland, Oregon!
Express your sweet self and raise money for a great cause!
Tasty Cakes is the Novice Project of Novice Sister Candle Wicks—come support her delicious event!