Angels and Saints

The Sisters wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without the help of some very special individuals.

Those who go out of their way to help us with events, logistics, information, and services are our Angels.

Those whose life and accomplishments are exemplary and in keeping with The Order’s philosophy and statements of purpose; who have had an impact on our community by their deeds and actions- they are the Saints of our order.

Ben Brown Jr.

Bolivia Carmichael






Detour Dan

  DJ Harmonix

  Joel Verdon

      KC Rowland, Angel of Our Sacred Undies (Picture Coming Soon!)

  Lisa Watson

  Mylar Black

  Samuel Thomas, Angel of the Nightlife

Terrika St. James

Woody Clarke

  Zora Phoenix



  Adreinne Alexander, Saint Service Queen

   Andrew Tweedie, Saint Teddy Ruxpin (Picture Coming Soon!)

 Anthony Hudson (Carla Rossi), Saint Coyote Clown the Queer Horror of Vaseline Alley

  Saints Bruce and John (CC Slaughters)

   Chani Geigle-Teller, Saint Cheers: Cheap Dates and Introductions

  Darcelle and Roxy, Saint Glitter and Saint Glam

  Darla Granzow, Saint Diversity Reigns

Diamanda Galas, Saint Val Kyrie

       Gary Boyer, Saint Mortgage Monkey

  Ginger Brulee, Saint Peddle Pusher

 Johnny Lamb, Saint Lambicorn (In Remembrance)

Kevin Friends, Saint Grey Hound

Lady Elaine Peacock, Saint Peacock

  Lupitia Mendez, Saint Safety

 Marty Davis, Saint Photo-Op of the Gotcha Moment

Shell Kepler, Saint Amy the Nurse (In Remembrance)

Sossity Chiricuzio, Saint Smut

Tammy Fae Mezner, Saint May Belline (In Remembrance)

  Zan Gibbs, Saint Zanimal the Everyparent