Sister Grinnan Bearette

What is your full Sister name?
Sister Grinnan Bearette, The Nun Committal Nun Binary

Sister Anne Tifa
Nun of Your Concern <3

Date you joined the order?
October 2011

What is your lay occupation?

Lay-ing down….

Vocationally I have worked primarily in social work/non profits in direct support and advocacy roles with people who have disabilities and at risk/marginalized/homeless/queer youth. Totally carries over into my sister work in ways!

Home town?
Though currently a member of The Order of Benevolent Bliss in PDX, I started my Sister process with the Abbey of the Big Red Wood in Eureka. 

Why did you join?
I found the sisters as a minor when I was needing family and support the most. I was so ready to soak up queer history, participate in improvised queer spirituality, to foster intergenerational mutual mentorships and do the work to fulfill the mission and vows of SPI. I was already an activist but seeing the way Sisters did activism really expanded my understanding of ways of doing the good work.
The platform for queer expression, the connection to queer history, the empowering support from others to do direct support and joy spreading in creative, powerful and magical ways.
I joined because I felt invited, appreciated, empowered and needed.


Religious beliefs (if any)?

Sacred clown, Spontaneity + Improvising, Radical Faerie, Agnostic and Trans Queer Nun prolly just about sums it up.

As far as after life stuff goes, I’m rather agnostic. But I do believe that every act of kindness and courage echoes out into the world in often untraceable and powerful ways just like passive and direct violence does and these things shape our heavenly and hellish realities we have.


Mission of Ministry

  1. Combat pervasive tone policing/spiritual bypassing by holding space for anger (having respect for it often being based in valid grief) from those most marginalized in the current dominant culture by stigma around gender identity, class, age, sexuality, bodies, disabilities, race and culture.
  2. Comfort the disturbed + disturb the comfortable and attempt to witness for those who need it.
  3. Invite critical and constructive feedback and be aware intent vs impact.
  1. Speak to issues of oppression due to our capitalist, imperialist and patriarchal culture. 
  2. Do art! I make stickers and candles to hand out and sometimes fundraise with! Check out my handle @sis_gender on Instagram. I’m hoping to have an Etsy up soon!

Ideals: Accessibility, Empathy, Curiosity, Advocacy, Art, Accountability, Consent Culture, Harm Reduction, Trauma Informed Support, Body Positivity and Anti-Facism. 

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