Sister Inda Beginning

What is your full Sister name?
Sister Inda Beginning (née Inda Butte)

Date of birth?
In a Queer Time and Place

Big Sisters/Mother
Mother: Sister Gloria LeLuia
Big Sisters: Sister Sandra Musique and Sister Eunice X

How did you join The Sisters?
It was like that scene in Harry Potter with the sealed
envelopes and owls but instead it was free condoms and
drag clown nuns flying around.

Favorite episode of Golden Girls?
Henny Penny-Straight, No Chaser

Name two people who inspire you, one cartoon character, a weird name for a
puppy, and the three Pokemon you would bring into a 3-v-3 battle?
John Waters, Carol Channing, Him, Karen, Mimikyu, Sableye, Clefable

Mission of Ministry
1. Foster safe spaces for positive and affirming expression
2. Teach and learn from honest experience to combat prejudice and ignorance
3. Encourage mindfulness, critical thinking, and awareness

Ideals: Empathy, Curiosity, Humility, Conviction, and Acceptance

Other People’s Words That I Find Instructive
Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.