Sister Marmalaid Poundcake

Marmalaid is made from the whole orange, and that part, which is normally discarded, the peel, is loved, nurtured, and nourished with sugar to promulgate a most joyous citrusy sweet jam.  Just as the orange peel is typically discarded by the unenlightened, so too are members of the queer community using the tools of stigmatic guilt and shame.  These oppressors have taught the orange not to love itself and would like the orange to hide its beautiful brilliance.  Instead, Sister Marmalaid Poundcake wears her orange with pride as a symbol to all those that feel oppressed and othered by society, that they too deserve to be seen and loved for exactly who they are.

My Mother Is:
Sister Donna Vanewday

My Big Sisters Are:
Sister Donna Vanewday and Sister Inda Beginning

I’ve Been A Fully Professed Sister Since:
November 22nd , 2020