Sister Spinna DeVinyl

Member Emeritus


What is your full Sister name?

Sister Spinna DeVinyl – Master of the Beats & Slave to the Rhythm

Date you joined the order?

December 2009

What is your lay occupation?

On all fours…… Oh, wait, that wasn’t the question!

Date of birth?

I’m not gonna tell you that! You’d know that I’m older than dirt if I did!

Home town?

Some place where the disco ball is glittering and the dance floor is lit.

When did you discover your calling?

I was in line at the bar at CC’Attles when I encountered Sisters from The Abbey of Saint Joan, Seattle. After learning who they were and what they were about, I was totally in love!

Big Sister/Mother in the order?

I am a Poonani product. Momma Maya Poonani – the tsunami Poonani~ ride the wave!

Why did you join?

I had been an angel of the order for several years and finally decided that helping from a distance was nice, but it was time to be direct!

Religious beliefs (if any)?

I am all that is. I am all that is not. I am another aspect of you. You are another aspect of me. We are one.

Major projects with the Order?

My Novice Project was “Pasta Indulgence!” Nuns serving linguine with homemade marinara and alfredo. Who wants to oodle my noodle?!

Rules by which I live

I will not compromise my integrity just to make people momentarily happy.

Other People’s Words That I Find Instructive.

“You can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes” ~ Patsy Stone

“You must take care of yourself, before you can take care of a community” ~ Margaret Joyce